Preston Barnes - Member Chair

Preston Barnes

Membership Chair

Preston has been involved with Rotary in some way, shape, or form since 1988, when his father, along with 23 other residents of Hilo, Hawaii, became charter members of The Rotary Club of Hilo Bay. He saw firsthand, the impact that Rotary has on individualsfamilies, and communitiesboth domestically and abroad. He became a Rotarian in 2020, with his father as his sponsor. As a Financial Advisor for the past 25 years, he is passionate about working with individuals and families, to financially prepare them, for whatever life throws their way. Adherence to the 4 Way test, the Rotary motto of Service Above Self, building goodwill and better friendships, and other tenants of being a Rotarian, are not just things to say, rather, they provide the foundation for one’s own successes, both personally and professionally. Preston is looking forward to taking on the role of Membership Chair and is a welcome Rotary Ambassador to the club and community of Greater Lake Forest.